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Carrying the Gospel through Tech & Media
The Media Ministry of Spiritual Harvest Ministries, shares the Good News of Jesus Christ, with people throughout this area and around the world through a variety of different avenues. From our Vimeo Church Channel to our website and social media such as our Facebook and Twitter, we can literally reach around the world. If you haven’t done so already, “LIKE US,” on Facebook at our Facebook page – Spiritual Harvest Worship Center. There you’ll find the latest pictures and information about happenings around Spiritual Harvest Ministries.
Our Twitter feed brings you information and encouragement from our various ministries. Find us on Twitter by searching Spiritual Harvest Ministries.

Media Ministry Services

We provide services related to the audio, visual, print, photography and telecommunications. Services included in this ministry are:
· Audio Recording
· Audio Sound
· Photography
· Audio-Video Duplication
· Video Recording
· Audio-Video Reproduction


The mission of the Video Ministry is to broaden the reach of God’s Word and the ministries by capturing and archiving activities of the church through motion and sound.


It is the responsibility of the photography ministry to record the history of the church. A photographer is assigned to cover the majority of our church activities. The pictures we take show where we have come from, as we record the history of the church.

Why We Do It

The Media Ministry supports all activities within the body of the church.  People who hear our message will be able to recognize us as messengers of Jesus Christ and will, therefore, have confidence in the message.
Pastor Brenda Dziadaszek

Pastor Brenda Dziadaszek

Media Ministry Director

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