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“I was sick, and ye visited Me” – Matthew 25:36

Since the Covid-19 pandemic is a serious health problem worldwide,
our Nursing Home Ministry is suspended at this time.

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“I was sick, and ye visited Me” – Matthew 25:36
Although nursing homes are required to offer spiritual care for its residents, it is the responsibility of churches to provide the spiritual care. The Spiritual Harvest Nursing Home Ministry reaches out to the lonely and often neglected residents of area nursing homes within our community.
Residents will often experience a phase of cultural shock upon entering a care facility. They face the challenge of being a stranger in an extremely different environment than they are used to living. They often struggle with the stereotypes of “old folks in the nursing home”. Many residents have simply outlived most of their friends and relatives; friends and relatives who are still living may rarely visit.
Our caring team of volunteers in the nursing home ministry experience great joy as they go out to share God’s Word, sing songs of praise, and offer words of encouragement and prayer to the elderly saints who are living in the twilight years of their life. Our volunteers find the time to talk, read, and sing to the residents, while developing friendships through time spent ministering the love of Christ to them as they approach their final days.
If you are looking for a fulfilling ministry, to answer the call of God on your life, the Spiritual Harvest Nursing Home Ministry may be just the place for you.
Pastor Robert Butler

Pastor Robert Butler

Nursing Home Ministry Director

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