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God’s presence at Spiritual Harvest Ministries can be felt throughout the body. These testimonies can attest to that fact.

I thank my God for leading me to Spiritual Harvest Ministries! The Leaders of this church are truly connected to the Spirit and people of God, Their heart is, indeed, focused on pleasing God. It is so apparent that they have the revelation of God’s UNFAILING love for His people and they try to reveal it to the body of Christ through teaching and leading others. Here, at Spiritual Harvest, Jesus Christ is the primary focus. The Word goes forth mightily with clarity, UNCOMPROMISINGLY! The Ministry is concentrated on its vision, “Building the Spirit Man for Christ”. As a result, I can truly say that I am growing more and more spiritually inclined, all to the glory of God! And I am working out my soul’s salvation with fear and trembling, for I believe that we are living in the End Times. I desire for all people to be saved, not just me, my, and mine. I encourage you to come and visit with us!

Peggy Shaw

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