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At spiritual harvest worship center

Spiritual Harvest Worship Center

This is a place for team members, not spectators!


Whatever your background is, we want you to feel comfortable and welcome at Spiritual Harvest Worship Center. We are a body of believers who desire to deepen our relationship with the Father, as we discover our purpose in pursuing the things of God. We are a church where anyone is welcome. Expect to be greeted in love by a member of the HELPS Ministry team, our leaders, or our pastors.

Prayer & Praise

Intercessory prayer in the sanctuary begins 30 minutes prior to each service. Our worship service begins at 10:00 a.m. As we begin our services, our focus is on God. We trust Him to lead and direct our services. You will find that our atmosphere is warm and relaxing. Our worship begins with praising God through song. The songs are easy to sing. Feel free to join us in worship. You may stand, sit – whatever makes you feel comfortable. You may just wish to sit and observe what is going on.

The Word

After our praise service, one of our pastors or a designated minister will share a Word from God, that is not only easy to understand, but practical, as well, to strengthen us in our walk with the Lord. The messages are fervent and inspiring. Believers may be urged to ask the Father for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, to further empower them for Christian service. Please visit our website under the section entitled Media to listen to recent teachings from our pastors.


We pause during our praise service to worship God through our giving. We give through offerings because we trust God. We know that our giving goes up to God as a memorial to Him (Acts 10:4). Please don’t feel obligated to give if you are a first-time visitor.

Altar Prayer

We close each of our services with Altar Prayer. We firmly believe that our Father answers prayer. During this time, we pray for any needs in your life and offer you the opportunity to join the body of Christ or to join us in fellowship at Spiritual Harvest Worship Center. Immediately after service, you are invited to meet our pastors and other leaders of the church.

Important Information

Be sure to browse our information table at the back of the church to find current literature from our church and other Christian reading materials, as well as, a Prayer Request Box to let your request be known unto the Lord, and allow us to pray with you in Jesus’ Name. On the 3rd Sunday of each month, after our worship service, we celebrate Communion.

Our Dress Code

We are very informal at Spiritual Harvest Worship Center. Come as you are! Whether you wear jeans and a tee shirt or a shirt and tie, you’ll feel right at home. You will find everything from casual clothes to business suits. Come in what is comfortable to you!

What Are The Services Like?

Expect a personal, uplifting worship experience. Our services are geared for participation. We typically worship just as we live, with enthusiasm!

What About The Rest of The Week?

We’re glad you asked! Spiritual Harvest is made up of a wide diversity of people, who enjoy learning God’s Word, worshiping and serving our Father, and just being together. We’re a friendly bunch, and we’d love to help you find where you’d fit in. 


How To Become A Member

Becoming a member at Spiritual Harvest Worship Center means“becoming involved.” There are many different ministry opportunities for you to connect with to discover your place of ministry. Discovering your place of ministry gives you more of a sense of belonging. Men and women have always been God’s “method” for winning the world to God and they always will be. We believe that all of God’s people should take an active role in serving God.
Spiritual Harvest Worship Center is a Holy-Spirit-led body of believers, teaching the Word of God with simplicity and understanding, in a manner that will allow believers to apply Biblical principles in their daily life. By doing so, the perfect will of God is manifested in each believer’s life.

We are independent of other churches and of denominational structures, but we cooperate with other believers in other churches and ministries here in our city, throughout Louisiana and the United States, and to the remotest corners of the world, to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to do His work.

Membership requirement at any local assembly is that the individual must be born-again, that is, have received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Secondly, at Spiritual Harvest Worship Center, the individual must complete the required classes in the New Members Class, as designated by the ministry. The completion of the classes is a requirement for membership at SHWC for two reasons:

  • The spiritual edification of each believer who becomes a part of this assembly per Ephesians 4:11-13.
  •  To set everyone on equal ground as to what we believe and what we preach at SHWC per Amos 3:3.

If you are searching for a Christian church where you can worship and praise God, plus be a part of a church family that encourages you to be an “active part” of the ministry, then Spiritual Harvest is the place for you. Here, you can learn, serve, and grow!

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